Stand up for inequalities and social change in society. Completely youth oriented, we recruit youth volunteers, youth speakers, and youth digital marketers to run our group. We hope to publicize and bring attention to young people’s voices and stories.


Our Mission and Vision

Youspoken is a Canadian-based youth group that brings awareness to issues faced by youth in this world. Completely youth-made, youth-ran, and youth-supported, all of our events are to promote youth independence and to make sure that our voices are heard and valued. Publicity is important, and the issues that we advocate for are to change societal stereotypes and boundaries. Bullying, racial discrimination, poverty, mental health crises, sexism, rape/sexual harassement, homophobia, and climate change, are just some of the issues that our youth represent and speak about. Personal stories, to future ambitions for the nation’s next generations, we strive to break boundaries, and to prove that you’re never too young to create change. Highlighting youth’s voices, our events help abolish and bring awareness to toxic environments and issues our youth deal with on a daily basis. On our stage, we speak as youth, as the next generation. To show that our voices matter, and change will arise.

Target Market


Youth that advocate for various social justice causes


Youth that have dealt with a traumatizing past, or issue they’d like to speak upon


Youth that have searched for opportunities to get their voice heard, but been told they're too young, or couldn’t find any


Youth that have done outstanding work for their community, or have envisioned plans they’d like to shine awareness on


Youth who want to be heard, have thoughts they need to share to spark urgent change


Youth that have dealt with stereotypes, and bullying, or are tired of broken systems that never let them move forward


No minimum age restrictions

Short-Term Goals:

● Create an organization network of over 100 youth advocates throughout all branches.
● Host a virtual public kick-off event to expand the team of volunteers.
● Hold several mentoring workshops, and virtual sessions to empower youth to make
change on their own.
● Bring upon several leadership opportunities throughout the group to prepare the
youth of today, for the future entailed.
● To publish and publicize written work by youth.
● Create videos and other sources of media to share crucial messages and stories.
● To partner with other youth groups/organizations to have our youth speak at events
and any opportunities in which their voices can be heard.

Long-Term Goals:

● Build a school in a developing country
● Send care packages to First Nation reserves in Canada
● Host free virtual workshops for youth (entrepreneurship, public speaking, open mics,
education about problems within our society, “how to’s”)
● Speak at elementary/high schools all across Canada
● Have in-person annual events celebrating the success of youth within YouSpoken
and their personal projects
● Create a global blog where youth struggling with personal problems can write in
asking for advice
● Youth tell their stories through our website, by submitting anonymous writing pieces
about things that have happened in their lives (poetry, narratives)

● Expand into an international organization that works to advocate and support youth
projects targeted at our 10 sectors.

Competitive Advantage

There are several organizations that “promote” youth talking about their opinions and getting their ideas out, yet most of those organizations are run and watched over by adults. Even if some of them are associated and run by “youth,” it’s only those who are around the age of 18, we try to highlight stories of youth that are younger. Most of the supervision and creating is done by adults, youth are just involved in doing events. Our organization is completely youth run, it will be the product of youth leadership and initiatives. Youth will host meetings, host virtual events, see through and make arrangements for larger events where all speakers and participants will be

I have learned to embrace my age. Embrace the number, because together, we are the page numbers of a narrative. Our own fairytales with beautiful, compelling chapters. Welcome to YouSpoken, where we cherish your stories.

YouSpoken Content Director

When I was younger I struggled a lot with my mental health. It’s a big problem and it seems to only be getting worse with generations to come, especially within youth dealing with PTSD. The world can be evil as it can be good. When you know other people have had it the same, you heal together.

Mental Health Speaker at YouSpoken

I’ve always loved talking to people and listening to my friend’s problems, however after coming to YouSpoken and listening to the deep stories that youth have to recount, I have developed insight and compassion like never before. It changes you as a human being forever.

Interviewer/Blog Writer at YouSpoken

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