Frequently Asked Questions

What is the mission at Youspoken?

As youth volunteers, we take the strengths of young individuals and use them towards tackling PTSD in the form of storytelling. By getting youth to tell their stories we strive towards spreading awareness and building communities for healthy reconciliation.

How can I volunteer?

Please click on the Apply Now Button and explore our roles and positions available for application. If there is an additional skill or position you would like to propose, please email at Time commitments and emphasis of volunteering ranges on a spectrum: we have full-time volunteers, part-time volunteers, and volunteers for specific events and tasks. There is NO minimum age requirement, we value experience and passion as well as diversity in our volunteer groups.

We are from another youth organization, how can we collaborate?

Youspoken loves to collaborate with other youth-led organizations, businesses, and nonprofits. Please send us an email at or fill out the form to the right.

Do you provide volunteer hours for high school students?

Absolutely! We have signed off several hours for our high school students. We also provide letters of recommendation and some of our senior volunteers have been able to attain excellent work opportunities through their work at YouSpoken.

Are there leadership opportunities?

At YouSpoken, we value giving young people the chance to make a true difference in the lives of other young people. We offer chapter division leaders and executive positions to exceptional candidates and senior volunteer members as they prove their commitment to our mission. 

Do you accept sponsorships & donations?

Yes, YouSpoken is grateful for any donations or sponsorships our community partners provide us and will support your businesses through our events & promotions. To date, we have had generous funding from municipal and provincial fund organizations! Please send us an email discussing how much and in what form you would like to donate! 

What skills and specific factors do you consider when accepting volunteers?

Although YouSpoken is a grassroots organization, we are looking for motivated, experienced, and enthusiastic individuals with the ambition to make a difference. We are currently looking for online volunteers and those with strong communication skills. Working with graphic software (Word Press, Canva, Photoshop) and social media management is an asset. Formal writing and organization for blog/media leads are great skills to have too! Nevertheless, we look for a variety of skills and personalities when making final decisions, people that will contribute positively to team dynamics. 

Will training/meetings be provided?

After YouSpoken confirms your position on the Executive Team or any application-based position, you will be instructed to attend one of two orientation sessions in addition to an entire team bonding event. (in-person or online). We are very team-oriented and strive towards maintaining close relationships! Think of it as if you are joining a family rather than a volunteer group. 

If I just need volunteer hours, is it a long application process?

No, most of our volunteers in need of volunteer hours complete small social media/design tasks to earn hours. They support specific events rather than the organization as a whole. We only have a few executive positions meaning that the majority of our volunteers do general tasks. 

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