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Sexism and Sexual Harrassment Webinar

Early August

The Sexism and Sexual Harassment sectors will be partnering to plan a webinar to show our participants that their not alone in their feelings and experiences and educate youth on how to be safe and protect themselves from sexual harasment and assault. We will be bringing in 2 speakers to talk about their experiences with either sexism or sexual harasment. In addition our speakers will also answer some questions from us and the participants as well as talk about these topics in general. Audience members will also be given the opportunity to answer questions and share their experiences. Following an anonymous poll activity we will have a short self defence and safety class. To finish off the event participants who have followed through the webinar will get the chance to win a safety device or giftcard to a safety website. We are looking forward to seeing many participants join us in another Youspoken webinar.

Events and Accomplishments

1. My Body My Sanctuary

My Body My Sanctuary was the first webinar YouSpoken hosted and focused on spreading awareness on negative body image and body positivity. The webinar began with a Question and Answer period with two incredible guest speakers Ravinna of Melano Skincare and Elena, a prominent speaker. There were questions asked regarding what body positivity is and the impact it has in one’s life. This promoted plenty of discussion and learning opportunities for the attendees. Afterwards, the attendees participated in a Kahoot to retain the knowledge they gained in the webinar. Finally, there was a giveaway to three people, who received $10 dollar gift cards of their choice, in addition to the winner of the Kahoot. This event promoted the understanding of what body positive is in a world where the term is misused and weaponized and was YouSpoken’s entrance into the social justice world. All participants received 1.5 volunteer hours. 

2. Instagram Awareness Posts

The YouSpoken Instagram makes posts about several different issues, events, holidays, and celebrations. There have been several posts dedicated to pride month and about the LGBTQ+ community, Earth Day, Indigenous People’s Day, our several sectors of advocacy, and information about our events. We also make stories mainly promoting other organizations. We have over 2000 followers and have made 60+ posts. To learn more about our Instagram, visit @youspoken

3. Healing Through Sharing

Healing Through Sharing is the second webinar YouSpoken hosted and focused on group therapy, specifically diving into racism and its relationship with mental health, as well as the perception of mental health in different cultures. The webinar began with a talk by Hannah Flores, a famous Canadian poet and spoken word artist. She explained how poetry can be a way to express herself, talking about her experience with racism as a Black woman, and how it can be therapeutic. Afterwards, there was information discussed about group therapy and the relationship between racism and mental health. As a group activity, everyone submitted anonymous thoughts they had about mental health and or racism, and we used group therapy to go through it. Finally, there was a giveaway to three people, who received $10 dollar gift cards of their choice. All participants received 2 volunteer hours. 

4. Blogs Around The World

The main goal of YouSpoken is to reach out to youth and have their voices heard, and blogs have been our first medium of doing so. Blogs on our website give youth the opportunity to express themselves on a variety of issues, such as racism, sexism, mental health, ageism and more anonymously. We also have blogs of people’s experiences about specific holidays or events, such as Valentine’s Day. If you want to learn more about our blog at

5. Our Discord Server

Our Discord server is a medium of communication between volunteers and executive members. It has several different channels for each sector, as well as additional ones for upcoming events. Announcements are made to everyone and only executive members are allowed to make them. Group calls can also be done through Discord, and depending on which sector you work for, you may have to participate in calls at certain times. To join as a general volunteer, one of the requirements is to join the server, so if you don’t have one, please create one. 


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