January Newsletter 2022

January 7, 2022

YouSpoken- A Youth Led Mental Health Initiative
YouSpoken is an initiative that grew out of the passion of one of the youth here at CTW Markham who
has a story to share!
UPDATE: Now you can learn more on their newly launched website:
A youth led initiative focusing on Mental Health and Racism, and
YouSpoken Speaker Series!
We are currently in need of active, passionate volunteers in the
community, who are interested in activism through story-telling. For high
school students, we can provide you with volunteer hours and
subcommittee executive positions. However, please keep in mind
volunteering with YouSpoken does not place bias against age. We
welcome all to take on roles of leadership and to spread our message.”
“If we don’t tell our stories, who will?”
Sign up today: FORM for VOLUNTEERING: https://forms.gle/FxncyU2YGZDDDX4E7
Email Thivya at: thivya.jeyapalan@volunteermarkham.ca or
the Youth Group Email: youspoken.org@gmail.com