Bringing a voice to youth and telling their stories; Thivya, founder of YouSpoken shares her initiative.  “If youth don’t tell their stories, who will?”

 “Happy New Year to all!  We are beyond thrilled to announce the start of recruitment for YouSpoken.  YouSpoken is a  youth-oriented group focused on sharing the stories of young people.  Focusing on the reconciliation of youth from traumatic and challenging paths, we build connections to support a network of trust and movement in publicizing the voices and stories of young people.  We are looking for young people to come on board and join the team.  YouSpoken values passion over experience when building an inclusive space for making a difference in the lives of people just like us.  Whether your interests lie in marketing, digital content creation, story-telling, videography or general volunteerism, please do not hesitate to sign up or ask questions.  Thank you and we look forward to our journey in 2022!” Thivya

YouSpoken is a space to share and learn.  “If youth don’t tell their stories, who will?”

Thivya has her own story and can share her challenges in bringing YouSpoken to life.  Given her young age, Thivya was met with setbacks and struggles to gain credibility and trust.  Through her dedication, hard work and perseverance she gained strong support from funders, agencies and most importantly youth themselves.  This journey has only begun.  Stay tuned!Website: www.youspoken.orgEmail: OR

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