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Job Roles and Responsibilities

Executive Director/President

● Responsible for providing direction for the group.
● Creating, communicating, and implementing the organization’s vision, mission, and
overall direction – i.e. leading the development and implementation of the overall
organization’s strategy.
● Responsible for the day to day running of the group
● Evaluates success of the charity, holds meetings with other board directors and
sector presidents to check in with their teams and progress.
● Create budgets for the organization, and contact other groups/people for grants,
partnership opportunities, and potential sponsorships.

Digital Marketing Head

● Creating marketing strategies and social media posts with a team, to help bring
awareness and spread the message of Youspoken.
● Manage the marketing team, making sure that social media platforms are regularly
updated, and reaching out to the media in order to publicize initiatives and events.
● Updating the website, logo, content, to match the progression of the organization.
● Working towards deadlines, and implementing creative ways to digitally market and
bring our group to the attention of the media.
● Creating videos and promotions for the organization via social media platforms

Individual Sector Presidents

● Mental Health/Suicide Prevention
● LGBTQ+ Community/Homophobia
● Sexism and gender stereotypes
● Sexual Harassment and Rape
● Racial Discrimination
● Ageism and “being too young”
● Climate Change Activists
● Negative Body Image Pressure (Unhealthy ways to lose weight, Anorexia)
● Poverty and growing up in bad environments
● Bullying (verbal harassment)

Sector Presidents are in charge of building a team of volunteers and managing them through weekly meetings regarding initiative ideas, and projects. Sector Presidents then join meetings with the board of directors to collaborate and finalize budgets for


● Works on short term projects like data capturing, administrative support and
program support for the foundation
● Assists sector heads in the foundation to meet up with set targets and goals
● Performs any other reasonable duties and tasks based off need

Initial Stages

● Start Up an instagram and hire volunteer heads
● Create content to encourage others to support the organization
● Make a website, get youth writers to write blog posts about inequality issues
● Host Zoom webinars with other youth, reach out to local organizations
● Once COVID finishes, then begin planning in person rallies and speech events.
Connect with media and local newspapers.
● Film a Zoom webinar as a video resource to those wanting to look into potential
solutions to their problems.
● Film other videos of youth across Canada and how they are making differences in
their communities (whether through writing, speaking, or hosting their own events)


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